Various Ways in which Plexiglass are used

There are various names by which plexiglass are known. The chemical name of it is Poly (methyl methacrylate). It is a typically a transparent thermoplastic which is very much light in nature and is an alternative to glass as it has shatter-resistance property. This glass is known in various other names such as Perspex, Lucite, Oroglas, acrylic glass, etc. nyc glass company Plexiglass are used for innumerable purposes. They are used to make aquariums for both residential and commercial purpose. They are also used in making the front lenses of the automobile lights. In addition, certain lighthouse lenses are being made from this glass. The contact lenses are made from this glass only. Dentures, used by the dentist for the treatment of gums are also made from these glasses. Concisely we can say that this glass has its use in every possible aspects of human life.

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